Trek Project One - Create Your Masterpiece

Trek Project One - Create Your Masterpiece

Personalize Your Ride: Trek Project One Bikes Unleashed

Trek Project One Bikes: Experience personalized customization with high-quality craftsmanship, thousands of color options, and premium custom paint schemes for a truly unique and artistic bike aesthetic.


Overview of Trek Project One Bikes

Trek Project One bikes offer cyclists a personalized customization experience where almost any aspect of the bike can be tailored to their preferences. This customization process allows riders to create a unique and personalized bike that reflects their style and needs. Known for their high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Project One bikes are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and aesthetics. Eaton Bikes would be happy to work with you to create the bike of your dreams.

The customization process with Trek Project One bikes involves several steps, starting with choosing from models like Madone SLR, Domane SLR, Domane+ SLR, Émonda SLR, Checkpoint SLR, and Speed Concept. Riders can then customize frame colors, logos, and design elements to create a bike that stands out from the rest. Additionally, selecting components and accessories further enhances the performance and style of the bike. With thousands of color options available, riders have the freedom to create a bike that is truly one-of-a-kind.


The Customization Process

Customizing a Trek Project One bike is a personalized journey that allows riders to create a bike that is uniquely theirs. The process involves selecting a model and then customizing various elements such as frame colors, logos, and design details to match individual preferences. Riders can also choose components and accessories to enhance the performance and aesthetics of their bike. With thousands of color options available, each customization decision contributes to the creation of a distinct and personalized bike.


Exclusive Custom Paint Jobs

Project One is renowned for its exclusive custom paint jobs that have set a new standard of craftsmanship in the cycling industry. The custom paint jobs offered by Project One are meticulously applied by skilled painters to ensure a flawless finish that meets the highest quality standards. Riders can choose from different series like the Designer Series, ICON Series, and Ultimate Series, each offering unique levels of customization and paint schemes tailored to individual preferences.

These custom paint jobs are not just about aesthetics but also about showcasing individuality and personal style on the road. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in these paint jobs elevate the overall look of the bike, making it a true masterpiece that reflects the rider's personality and taste.


Project One ICON Bikes

Project One ICON bikes stand out for their premium custom paint schemes that exude luxury and uniqueness. Featuring paint options like Chroma Ultra-iridescent, Crystalline, and Tie Dye, these bikes offer riders the opportunity to ride in style with vibrant and dynamic designs. The collection includes exclusive options such as Rainbow Tie Dye, Shibori Tie Dye, and Team Tie Dye, allowing riders to choose from a range of curated collections like the Designer Series and Ultimate Series for a personalized and artistic bike aesthetic.

Riders who opt for Project One ICON bikes are not just investing in a bike but in a piece of art that represents their passion for cycling and individuality. The premium paint schemes offered by Project One ICON bikes set them apart as truly bespoke and exceptional creations tailored to the rider's preferences.


Notable Creations from Project One Ultimate

Project One Ultimate showcases remarkable custom creations designed for professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. These notable creations include bikes tailored for athletes like Jolanda Neff, Ellen van Dijk, Brandon Semenuk, Ellen Noble, Robbie McEwen, Amity Rockwell, Bo Jackson, and Casey Brown. Each Ultimate creation tells a unique story and reflects the collaboration between designers, painters, and cycling personalities. These custom-designed bikes push the boundaries of design and innovation, setting new standards in the cycling world.


Benefits of Customizing with Project One

Customizing a bike with Project One offers riders a wide range of benefits that go beyond just aesthetics. The collaboration between Project One designers and painters ensures that each bike is a work of art tailored to the rider's style and preferences. With options like Custom build, Classic customization, Tri-Color, and Full Fade, riders can choose the level of customization that suits their needs. Moreover, Trek's custom paint jobs have been recognized with the Design & Innovation Award in 2022, highlighting the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into each custom-designed bike. Riders can explore different series within Project One like Designer Series, ICON Series, and Ultimate Series for premium customization options that elevate their cycling experience.